Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management

Continuous Change, Continuously Change Ready

Your organization must change to remain relevant and competitive. Most of that change will impact people and jobs throughout your organization. We have all seen these initiatives struggle and even fail, disrupting business, costing the company millions of dollars, and making it even more difficult to affect future changes. This can be avoided through thoughtful organizational change management planning and oversight.

Accelerated Momentum has deep expertise in planning and execution of change management.

Areas of Focus

Unlock Transformation’s True Potential

Organization and Department transformations

IT platform implementations

Merger integrations

Workforce allocation


Improve Overall Performance

Change Adoption

Accelerated Change Adoption

Improved Communication

Increased Productivity

Improved Decision Making

Minimized risks

Increased Employee Engagement

Resiliency for Future Change

Our Approach

Critical Alignment, Comprehensive Delivery

Clearly Define Case for Change

Develop Change Vision

Alignment of Stakeholder Change Vision

Assess Organizational Change Readiness, Barriers and Risk

Develop Strategy and Approach

Define and Develop Change Agent Network

Prepare Leadership and Employee Engagement Plan

Develop Communication Plan

Identify Change Resistance Appropriate Actions

Develop and/or deliver Training

Define and Measure Change Adoption Metrics

Prepare Change Sustainment Plan

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