ICF Accredited


Accelerated Momentum works with both individuals and organizations to deliver various types of coaching. Typically, our engagements last 6 months and coaching sessions occur every week. This structure is highly customizable.

At the onset of any coaching engagement, we will discuss the desired goals of the client, specific timelines and any constraints. We will co-create an engagement structure that will best accommodate the desired outcomes given the goals, timelines and constraints.


For the Organization For the Individual
Accelerate productivity Accelerated leadership impact
Increased bottom-line results Enhance impactful communication skills
A more effective workforce Improved Decision Making
Faster onboarding Greater self-awareness
Increased retention Accerlerated growth

Areas of Focus

“Individual and
Group Coaching”

Leadership and Executive Coaching

High Performing Teams



Assessment Certifications


We have all used various assessments personally or professionally. The best tools require a certified professional to administer and facilitate the delivery of the results. These tools provide a wealth of data for coaching, self-reflection, development and even role placement.

MBTI Certified
The Predictive Index

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