Talent Management

Talent Management

Right Talent,
Right Role,
Right Time

According to one McKinsey survey, superior talent is up to eight times more productive than average talent, translating directly into dramatic improvement of business performance.

Your organization can upgrade talent through your approach to recruiting, recognizing, compensating and developing a superior workforce. Accelerated Momentum can help you create these outstanding talent management practices.


Recruit in-demand talent

Ability to scale to take advantage of market opportunities

Minimize disruptions

Improve productivity

Reduce costs


Areas of Focus

Succession Planning


When critical roles are vacated, you will have the right person identified to step into that role. You will know exactly where they are in their development and what support is needed as they take on the new role avoiding disruption.

Accelerated Momentum will help you identify the most critical roles and the appropriate depth for succession planning. This will allow your organization to focus efforts where you will get the highest and most urgent ROI on your Succession Planning efforts.

We will co-create a process to identify the appropriate pool of candidates for each role, evaluate each candidate’s readiness for the role, along with a process for development for each of those individual candidates.

Talent Audits

Talent Reviews

Having a deeper understanding of your organization’s internal talent and their potential to grow in your business is critical to your talent strategy. Where should you spend resources developing and where do you recruit talent to move your business forward? Having this valuable insight puts you on the leading edge as you plan your growth.

Accelerated Momentum will help you build a process and tools to clearly define the current performance and future potential of individuals in your workforce. And accomplish this based on hard data.

Talent Development

Develpment Learning
Inevitably, organizations need to continuously develop their talent. Either you cannot hire a person with every skill needed or you need to develop them for new challenges in the ever-changing landscape.

Accelerated Momentum offers a full suite of Talent Development support – from strategy development to tactical delivery.

We can deliver programs including:

Career Pathing
Leadership Development
Programs for High Potentials
On Demand (web-based)
Instructor Led
On the job

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